523 Series

The 523 works well in intermediate terrain soil conditions. Its reinforced knobs resist tearing and chunking while providing consistent grip.
  • Featuring high carbon compound tread designs
  • Maximizing tread wear and minimize tread knob tear/wear
  • Offering great traction, braking and overall stability for enhanced control
  • Reinforced knobs resist tearing and chucking while providing consistent grip
  • NHS (Not for Highway Service)


Part # Size Speed Rating Load Index Permitted Rim Size Outside Diameter Width Max Load @ Tube Type List Price
87-4340 100/100-18 M 59 2.15~2.75 25.87 in. 3.98 in. 33 psi Tube $106.95
87-4341 110/100-18 M 64 2.15~3.00 26.65 in. 4.29 in. 33 psi Tube $109.95
87-4344 120/90-19 M 66 2.50~3.00 27.48 in. 4.69 in. 33 psi Tube $134.95

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