Frequently Asked Questions

Very. Tire pressure is one of the most important maintenance tasks you should perform before every ride. Although the carcass and overall structure of the tire has a significant effect on the overall performance of the tire, for it to function properly you must have sufficient air pressure in the tire.

We recommend that you check your air pressure before every ride, especially when carrying a load. Every 4 psi of air lost in the tire translates to approximately 60 to 70 pounds reduction in load carrying capacity. For example, if your tire pressure is 34 psi, instead of a recommended 41 psi, you would need to take 120 to 140 pounds of load off of the motorcycle. Never exceed the maximum load capacity that is stamped on the sidewall of the tire at the recommended air pressure.

Another reason proper air pressure is so important, is to ensure proper handling of the motorcycle. Never over-inflate a tire, as over-inflation of a tire may reduce the contact patch. Likewise, under-inflation generates uneven contact pressure and support. Both conditions negatively affect the handling and stability of the motorcycle.